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The Incredible Stories of Pets That Inherited a Fortune Introduction

Friday June 30th 2017

Many of us love our pets like children, so when it comes to providing for them should the worst happen, it’s only natural for us to make provisions for our pets as well as our family. Whilst we understand the concept of leaving our pets with the facilities to ensure they can be well looked after, some pet owners have taken this idea to a whole new level, leaving their pets with fortunes most of us wouldn’t ever dream of.
In some cases, these loyal owners have gone as far as to cut relatives out of their will entirely, in order to leave more to their beloved animals, much to the horror of the family members involved. From the scorned girlfriend of Sidney Altman, who was left an allowance of £47,000 per year under the condition that she looked after her late boyfriend’s dog, whilst the dog itself was left his entire £5 million estate, to the begrudging grandchildren of Leona Helmsley who took her dog to court after he was left with an enormous £9 million and they were given nothing.
To find out more about some of the most outrageous stories of pets inheriting a fortune, take a look at our latest infographic below:

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