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Dog Fashion We Love

Monday June 12th 2017

We love our little furbabies and want them to stay warm and cosy in the winter or cool and sun protected in the summer. Little hats, jackets and tiny socks are sometimes a necessity.

But that’s no reason why they can’t be comfortable and fashionable. Here are some fashionista pups looking their best…

Chima Chihuahua wearing a comfy snoozable snood:

Sweet dreams From: @chima.chihuahua Follow us for more Tag your dogs lover friends •

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A handsome chap who’s ready for the weekend:

This doe-eyed little pair sport matching collars/necklaces:

A sleepy little camo-wearing traveller

Twice as nice: a darling little neckerchief for a darling little pug:

The lesser-spotted beach Pikachu:

The rare Beach Pikachu makes an appearance! #petitdogapparel @zelda_and_rufus

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Another dapper-looking chap:

And finally, a frog princess!

The smiling frog princess

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