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The Best Dog Breeds for Families

Monday May 22nd 2017

It may not seem like it but not all dog breeds are a good fit for the home; some can be quite a handful and others can be inclined towards aggression or defiance.

However, if you choose from our list of the very best dog breeds for families below you might be set up with a trustworthy companion for many years to come!

Golden Retriever

The classic golden retriever is one of the best fits for almost any family; with an even temperament, unwavering loyalty and friendly demeanour, these are great dogs to bring up with the kids.

Being highly responsive and easy to train, these just some of the golden retriever’s best qualities. Often used as service dogs due to their amiable nature and patience, it’s no surprise they’re ranked as one of the most popular breeds within the UK. Make sure your retriever gets plenty of exercise and is regularly groomed to maintain that luxurious golden coat!


If you’re looking for a bundle of fun to keep you on your toes then a beagle might be the best fit for your family. What these little guys lack in size they make up for in bounds of energy, playfulness and mischief.

Originally bred to hunt small game like rabbits and hare, beagles still possess a very strong sense of smell so don’t be surprised when your beagle speeds off to investigate a scent it picks up along one of its daily walks.

When it comes to the family, beagles are great with kids, brilliant with other pets and will certainly be a great source of entertainment.

Labrador Retriever

Like all dog breeds, labradors thrive on plenty of exercise and attention. When they’re not gallivanting around outdoors and having fun they’ll likely be making themselves comfortable on your sofa or making a fool of themselves at home.

What makes this breed stand out is their natural-looking appearance, willingness to please and affable personality. As family pets, they are very easy to housebreak and their short coats make them very easy to groom.

One thing to take note of is their habit of chewing but this can be easily resolved with an abundance of chew toys and lots of engagement.


Known for their calm disposition and patience, Newfoundlands were traditionally bred as working dogs due to their muscular build and thick coat; if you’re looking for a truly trustworthy companion, Newfoundlands may be the way to go.

This breed would be best looked after by a larger and more active family, preferably in a suburb or rural setting. They are incredibly docile and kind-natured which make them perfectly suited for children.

Something to take note of is that fact that Newfoundlands fall into the ‘giant’ weight range which means that if you opt for this breed, be prepared to take on a large family member!

Border Collie

Border collies were traditionally bred to herd livestock across the Anglo-Scottish border. As a result, they still possess a tremendous amount of energy; due to this liveliness you’ll find that border collies require a lot more exercise and attention to keep them occupied than other breeds.

They are considered one of the best fits for families due to their high intelligence and eager-to-please attitude; iif you’re willing to put in the effort to train and nurture this dog, you’ll likely be set up with the perfect canine companion.

Standard Poodle

Poodles come in a range of different sizes, including Toy and Miniature but Standards are renowned for being perfectly suited for the family. Commonly stereotyped as being ‘fussy’, or simply ‘show dogs’, Poodles are actually natural athletes and are more than willing to muck in on family activities.

Native to Germany (not France, believe it or not!), this breed is excellent with children, highly trainable, very intelligent, great with other pets and have a convenient easy-care low-shedding coat.

Standard Poodles require early socialization, lots of exercise and plenty of companionship so be sure to have all this on your agenda if you choose this breed!