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Everything you need to know about taking your pet on holiday

Friday May 5th 2017

Whether you’re jetting off to somewhere special or heading on a roadtrip here in the UK, a holiday is only as good as the company you keep. So it’s no surprise so many of us take our pets with us when we travel.

If you’re thinking about taking a pet with you on holiday this year, there are a few things to think about.

Put your pet first
We all want to spend as much time with our pets as possible; especially on holiday but first and foremost, you need to think about your pet and make sure they will be comfortable travelling to and spending time in, a new location.

If you’re hitting the road here in the UK, think about how your pet normally copes in the car. If they aren’t used to long journeys, maybe do a few longer routes than usual so they can get used to it.

If your pet struggles with heat or seems uncomfortable in new surroundings, think twice about taking them to a far-off sunny destination.

But if you’re confident your pet is as ready for a holiday as you are, here’s some important information to remember.

Check before you travel
We’re not talking about checking you have your passport and boarding pass (although… definitely do check that), we’re talking about checking the rules of pets and travel. The two things to consider are your destination and who you’re flying with.

Different countries have different rules around pets. Before you book your trip, it makes sense to check:

• which animals and breeds can enter the country?
• will your pet have to be in quarantine and for how long?
• how much might it cost for them to enter (because normally, pets don’t carry cash)?

Different airlines have their own rules for pet travel. Some airlines don’t allow the transport of pets at all. Others do allow it but have polices for different animals and breeds.

Normally, if an airline does allow pets to travel, they will be kept in the cargo hold, not the cabin. If your airline does allow pets, make sure you let them know what you’re bringing well in advance.

Check pet policies for most major airlines at

Take plenty of breaks
You know the value of regular breaks on a long drive. We all need to grab a bite to eat, have some water, stretch our legs and, well… make room for more water. The same goes for our pets!

If you’re heading on the road for a long trip, plan plenty of breaks so your pet can get fresh air. Make sure there’s water by them at all times and that they are well fed before you set off. Do whatever you can to make sure your pet is comfortable and safe for the length of the trip.

Pet & Breakfast
Wherever you are in the world, there will be a hotel, B&B or campground that will welcome your four-legged friend with open arms / paws.

To find dog-friendly things to do and places to stay worldwide, take a look at

There are two key things to remember if you’re taking a pet on holiday; check the rules and check that your pet is comfortable. If you tick both of those boxes, both of you will have a holiday to remember. Happy holidays!