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Early Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs

Thursday April 6th 2017

If your dog is pregnant there will be a number of signs for you to look out for, some of which are easier to spot than others. It’s important to be aware of early signs of pregnancy because the canine gestation period averages 63 days which doesn’t give you with much time to prepare.

Here at helpucover, we want to make sure you’re as prepared as possible, so we’ve outlined the four easiest ways to spot early signs of pregnancy in dogs.

1. Sudden change in appetite

One of the earliest and most common symptoms you’re likely to notice your dog is pregnant is a sudden change in their appetite. Like humans, dogs can experience their own form of morning sickness which can put them off their food during the first few weeks of pregnancy. On the other hand, some dogs will experience the opposite and their appetite will increase almost as soon as they become pregnant.

2. Lack of energy

When dogs fall pregnant it’s common for them to experience a sudden decrease in energy levels. Pregnancy is tiring and their hormones will be changing significantly as a result and these factors will often cause your dog to display signs of lethargy.

3. Behaviour

Behavioural changes are to be expected as one of the early signs of pregnancy. Your dog’s body will be going through significant changes and their behaviour will be affected as part of this. Some dogs can become overly clingy and affectionate when this happens, keeping by your side and becoming upset if you leave whereas other dogs can behave in an entirely opposite manner, becoming bad tempered and often trying to avoid any close contact. Sudden changes to their behaviour such as these could be a sign that your dog is pregnant.

4. Changes to the nipples

Possibly one of the most noticeable signs that your dog is pregnant will be changes to their nipples which will begin to appear more swollen. Another visible cue is changing colour with the nipples becoming darker, particularly the ones closest to their hind legs.