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10 Cute Dogs at Crufts 2016

Tuesday February 28th 2017

The time has come once again for the biggest dog show in the world to take place, Crufts 2017. To help celebrate and give an insight into all of the excitement we have to look forward to, here at helpucover, we’ve put together this list of some of the most adorable photos taken at the 2016 event.

Elle the French Bulldog and Ramsey the Staffordshire Bull Terrier both made star appearances to meet some of their many loyal Instagram followers

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This dog was clearly making the most of their time to shine in the agility round:

This beautiful Husky was taking some time to relax before the main event:

This Shetland Sheepdog definitely just overheard something about a treat:

And this Lancashire Heeler didn’t want to miss out on the action either:

These gorgeous Sussex Spaniels were melting everyone’s hearts:

Winston the Corgi, one of Instagram’s most famous dogs, also made an appearance at the event to meet some of his 41,000 Instagram followers:

If there was an award for the happiest dog at Crufts 2016, we’re pretty sure this guy would be taking home the prize:

This Dachshund made sure to dress up for the occasion with his best golden bow tie:

Chloe the Dalmatian didn’t want to miss out on any fun, so attempted a break out from her pen: