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Valentine's Dates Where You Can Bring Your Dog Along

Wednesday February 8th 2017

Valentine’s is a day for spending time with the ones you love, and who gives you more love than your loyal dog? So this year, why not get them involved with your Valentine’s day plans? We’ve created a list of the five best date ideas where you can bring your dog along, so they won’t feel left out on the big day.

Walk and Pub Lunch

Most country pubs are dog-friendly these days, so why not map out a long country side walk which ends at a cosy pub where your dog can join you for a drink and some food? Make sure to bring along a portable water bowl so they have something to drink too. Although most dog-friendly pubs will provide these themselves, it’s best to carry one just in case.

Farmers Market

Taking your date to a farmer’s market is a great opportunity to explore new foods and flavours for free, and has the added benefit of being able to take your furry friends along too. Not only can you spend the day browsing the unique food they have to offer, you can also pick up some ingredients to cook an incredible meal together later that evening.

Movie Night In

Planning a cosy night in can be a very romantic way to spend your Valentine’s day. Light a fire, or if you don’t have a fire, create an atmosphere using candles. Then cuddle up with your loved ones and enjoy an evening of good films, tasty food, and great company.

Dinner date at home

If you’re looking for a more romantic gesture than staying in with a movie, but you still want your animal companions to be involved, why not get a catered meal prepared at home? This idea involves all of the extravagance of a nice meal out, but without the hassle of taxis or over-crowded restaurants, although you may still have to give up some space at the table to the dog.

Hotel / Bed and Breakfast

If you want to take your partner for an evening away this Valentine’s day, but are worried about leaving your dog behind, don’t be. There’s now a huge array of pet-friendly hotels around which will happily accommodate your dog, and usually they’re set within the heart of the country where you can plan additional activities such as hikes, or visiting famous landmarks.