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Pet Trends on Social Media

Monday October 17th 2016

Social media has given pet owners a new outlet, allowing them to post confessions of their cat’s bad behaviour and dress up their dogs in menswear.

Here, we look at the most popular pet trends – also known as memes – on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Pet shaming

In the years before social media, pet owners had very little recourse when their animals misbehaved.

Other than trying to discipline the offending pooch or moggy, all we could really do was hope the incident didn’t happen again.

But social media changed all that by allowing animal owners to group together to share their pain.

Pet shaming involves an owner making a comical sign explaining their pet’s misdemeanor, which is posted online in a photo with the wayward animal.

The trend went viral after the partner of former Friends star Matt LeBlanc posted an image of her Dachshund, who had eaten LeBlanc’s underwear.

And the craze grew and grew, with animal owners sharing tales of their pets’ wacky crimes, whether it’s a dog barking so loudly that it wakes up it's owners or a cat that has eaten keys from a laptop computer.

Four-legged fashionistas

With their stylish coats and cute good looks, dogs have always been pretty cool customers.

But two owners have taken things to the next level and all through the power of social media.

Yena Kim and David Fung turned their ordinary Shiba Inu pooch into the super-stylish Menswear Dog.

By dressing their dog in designer brands that would leave most catwalk models gasping and sharing the pictures online, the pair have gained tens of thousands of followers and built up a brand worth around $15,000 a month.

There’s even a Menswear Dog book and fans are able to submit their questions on topics like his grooming routine and his style inspirations.

Political pooches

If you thought pet memes were all about celebrating the weird and wonderful antics of our animals, you should think again, as there’s one that shows they are politically engaged too.

On big election days – and even during the EU referendum – dog owners have posted pictures of their animals outside polling stations to platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Apparently unaware that polling station rules allow dogs inside as long as the animals are not disruptive, the photos all manage to show the pooches looking slightly sad, as if they are longing to be able to cast a vote themselves.

So popular has the trend become that when the nation casts their vote, the hashtag #DogsAtPollingStations always trends on Twitter.

Rich cats

Instagram has become one of the most popular places for pet owners to share pictures of their animals.

And one of the best memes to emerge on the site goes by the name Rich Cats of Instagram.

It really does exactly what it says on the tin and involves owners sharing images of their moggies being spoiled rotten.

Kitties are pictured rolling in piles of dollar bills or sleeping in pricey Gucci bags. Others show the animals surrounded by designer jewellery or tucking into gourmet meals. It’s how every cat should be treated.

Author Bio:
This article was written on behalf of helpucover. helpucover is a trading style of Pinnacle Insurance plc, an insurance company who offers pet insurance.