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Top Apps for Dogs and Cats

Friday August 19th 2016

From vet appointments to regular walkies, being a pet owner requires you to juggle a lot. Luckily, there are some great apps out there for you and your pet. From games to keep them occupied to digital tools that make you a better owner, here are some of the best apps for animal lovers.

When your furry friend wants to play…

Best used on your iPad or tablet, Game for Cats and its double, Game for Dogs, offer an interactive experience for your pet. Let your cat chase a laser around the screen, or watch as your dog investigates the squeaks coming from your tablet.

While Cat Fishing 2 was designed for cats, it’s also enjoyed by dogs too. This popular game allows your pet to navigate through different levels of difficulty as they try to catch the fish using their paws, noses or tongues.

Magic Piano and Koi Pond were designed for humans, but they also provide hours of fascination for your pet. Listen to them create weird and wonderful tunes on the virtual piano, or enjoy watching them gaze at koi carp swimming around a virtual pond.

For the best pet care…

There are many apps on the market that help you to take the best care of your pet. Pet Phone and iPhone app Pet Master Pro keep track of your pet’s health and details, including allergies and vet appointments, as well as what medication they need and when they had their last dose.

If you get worried at the slightest sign that your pet isn’t well, download Pet First Aid. Created by the American Red Cross, you can find advice and instructions on over 25 everyday emergencies, as well as practical tips on administering medication and behavioural help.

When your pup wants to go for a walk…

MapMyDogWalk uses GPS to keep a record of your route, how long you walked for, and even how many steps you took. You can also share your walk with friends, and see theirs in return. It’s a great tool if you’re stuck for new routes in your area and want to find inspiration.

BorrowMyDoggy is a great iPhone tool for if you need some help giving your dog the attention they deserve. Each user is verified by the app before they become a member. Search for potential dog-minders in your area, message them and meet up to make sure they suit your dog’s need. You get peace of mind knowing that your pup is in the hands of a fellow dog-lover, and your dog gets extra walks and plenty of attention!

If your pet likes to travel…

Use BringFido to see the best pet-friendly accommodation, restaurants and events near your destination. It also provides invaluable information on pet services in the area. If you haven’t got an iPhone, you can still visit the website.

And finally…

PetSnap is a great app for taking pictures of your unsuspecting pet while they try to figure out how that curious sound is coming from your phone.

Meanwhile, Google Translate for Animals is – you guessed it – a science-backed translation app that you can use to chat to your dog or cat. It’s currently only available for Android phones, but watch out for future releases.

This article was written on behalf of helpucover. helpucover is a trading style of Pinnacle Insurance plc, an insurance company who offers pet insurance.