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How to Make the Best Raw Dog Food

Monday August 15th 2016

Are you passionate about your pooch and their health and wellbeing? Long walks, lots of love and play, and tailoring their diet to their individual needs? Perhaps the latter sounds like too much hard work, but with the right veterinary guidance, and a bit of time you could soon be preparing your pups food right alongside your own … well, sort of!

So, what is it and why choose raw dog food?

Homemade raw diets are made up of cooked or uncooked meats and bones, vegetables, fruits, supplements and grains. This diet is created to meet your dog’s requirements over a long term basis.
Although there is a lot of conflicting information and opinions surrounding the topic of raw dog food, fundamentally choosing the diet should be down to your dog’s individual nutritional needs, and you should always consult a veterinary professional before making any changes to your dog’s existing diet.
Most recipes can be tailored to your dog, along with adding in any necessary vitamins and nutrients.
Remember - changes to the main ingredients can be made if your dog can’t eat (or won’t eat) a certain meat, fruit or veg! The best part of it all - is you know exactly what’s going into your pet’s food, no nasty additives and it can be 100% ‘natural’.

The raw recipe

Most recipes ask for there to be about 50% proteins, 25% Veggies, and 25% grains and carbs, along with oils and essential fatty acids (sometimes in the form of a supplement) to ensure it is nutritionally balanced. Below is a recipe created to be used as a general ‘base’ to build upon. It’s easy to make, and can last three days in the fridge, and up to two weeks in the freezer, so is great to bulk make and easily defrost when it is needed.

95g Turkey mince (around 85% lean, 15% fat)
3 large Whole scrambled eggs
100g Cooked white rice
4 tsp Olive oil
20g Cooked green peas (must be very soft for easy digestion)
40g Chopped and cooked green beans (must be very soft for easy digestion)
16g Raw kale (very finely sliced)

Ensure all of the peas and beans are cooked thoroughly, and chopped into small ‘bite size’ pieces.
In a nonstick frying pan and over a medium heat, cook the turkey mince, breaking it up as it cooks. Once cooked, leave to cool.
In a large bowl, combine the cooked rice, cold scrambled egg, olive oil, kale and vegetables. Once the turkey mince has cooled, add that to the bowl and mix it all thoroughly.
When the entire mixture is combined, place into fridge / freezer proof container, then use as needed.

Note that you may add other ingredients dependent on taste, for example you could add fruit, such as bananas, or swap the meat for a fish such as salmon or cod… Just make sure it is pet safe before doing so. It is also important to note your pet needs access to fresh water and regular checks by a vet to ensure it is healthy and happy.

The believed benefits

Whilst there is not a vast amount of research into whether it is more or less beneficial to feed your dog a raw diet, many who are ‘pro-raw’ suggest that, as well as the health benefits (especially for dogs with allergies towards certain ingredients, or those with health issues, or even weight issues), raw diets have helped some dogs get shiner coats, healthier skin, increased energy, and smaller (less smelly) stools.

As stated previously, the decision to switch your dog to a raw diet will need to be discussed with a professional, and your pet’s health is the main priority throughout the process. The recipe in this article is designed specifically for a 35lb healthy adult dog who requires around 800 calories a day. To suit any recipe to your pet, consultation will be required with a vet.

Author Bio:
This article was written on behalf of helpucover. helpucover is a trading style of Pinnacle Insurance plc, an insurance company who offers pet insurance.