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10 Top Tips For Dog Grooming

Monday August 1st 2016

10 Top Tips For Dog Grooming

1. Know what you will need

Make sure you have purchased breed or hair type specific grooming products. This means buying the suitable brushes, scissors, nail clippers, shampoos, towels and so on for the breed or breeds of dog(s) that you have.

2. Get prepared for brushing

Get everything you will be needing to use out and in reaching distance of where you will be grooming your dog. You don’t want to be leaving your dog mid-groom because you forgot the tangle brush, or the treats for when your dog is getting a bit restless!

3. Get prepared for bathing

If washing your dog in a bath or shower, ensure you have laid a slip proof matt down, and only fill the bath up with a small amount of lukewarm water (not freezing cold or boiling hot). Make sure to use a pet safe shampoo, and make sure once shampooed you have thoroughly washed it off, to save your dogs skin from irritation.

4. Types of brushes for coats & how often

- For short coats that are smooth, a rubber brush should be used.
- For short coats that are denser, a slicker brush, then a bristle brush should be used.
- All short coats need a weekly brush to make sure all old hair is being removed and to ensure a shiny coat.
- For long coats, a slicker brush or a tangle remover should be used to avoid mattes. Long coats could need up to a daily brush or comb, along with one weekly ‘big brush’ to ensure their coat stays healthy. You can also find/purchase specialist brushes, designed for example, for dogs who shed a lot.

5. Check for abnormalities

Use the time you are grooming to make sure everything is normal with your dog, this could include checking for lumps and bumps, cuts, or looking at your dog’s eyes and in their ears. Your dog’s eyes should be clear, and you can wipe them if they have any gunk. Their ears will have wax, but should not be full of ‘debris’ and they should not smell. If any changes arise, make sure you seek advice from a vet.

6. Only do what you can

Do not expect to be able to completely groom your dog to a standard of a professional straight away, and do not try to do something if you are unsure of how to do properly. For example, if you’re unsure of how to use nail clippers, do not attempt to trim your pups. You also shouldn’t attempt to cut any fur around potentially sensitive areas, such as the eyes, ears, tail, mouth, belly or genitals just in case you hurt your dog. Leave it to the pros!

7. Make your pet feel comfortable

You and your dog will not enjoy the experience if either are uncomfortable. Place a rubber matt down on slippery floor surfaces when brushing or trimming their fur, not only will it stop your dogs paws from sliding, and give them some padding to rest on… It will serve as a surface for the hair to drop and stick to - meaning you will have an easier time cleaning up!

8. Praise your pup

Praising your dog with hugs, words and/or treats will let them know they are doing a good job at being well behaved, it will also ensure them with trust in you the next time you want to groom them. Not only will they look forward to having a brush, they'll also be excited for the snack they'll receive at the same time!

9. Secure a fidgety pooch

If your dog is trying to play, or run, or just won’t stop fidgeting, you (or somebody else) can lightly restrain them whilst you groom. However, if they become agitated by this, make sure you stop and let them calm down. If at any point during this process they become aggressive then stop grooming and let a pre-warned professional groomer finish your job, you do not want to injure your pet or yourself in this process.

10. Have fun!

Grooming your dog is a great way to bond with them! The more you do it the more they will love it, so consistency is key. You'll see the results not only in their coat, but also in the way they may start to act towards you!

Author Bio:
This article was written on behalf of helpucover. helpucover is a trading style of Pinnacle Insurance plc, an insurance company who offers pet insurance.