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The Best Ways to Exercise Your Dogs Indoors

Tuesday January 12th 2016

Regardless of how you’re feeling about the horrible weather outside, or even if you’ve had a long day at work and don’t feel as though you have the energy to go for a walk, your dog needs daily exercise and it’s your duty as an owner to provide it.

So for those days when you can’t muster up the enthusiasm to take your dog out for that run it’s been craving all day, we here at helpucover have compiled a list of our best tips and games to help exercise your dog within the comfort of your home.

Play fetch on the stairs
If you tend to get tired of fetch long before it’s even began to tire out your dog, why not try playing from the top of the stairs? Having your dog bring the ball back to you via a flight of stairs will help tire it out and burn up some more of that excess energy.

Hide and seek
Gather up a variety of your dog’s favourite toys and treats, then hide them around the house, as far apart as possible. Try not to place them in any spots where you might have delicate items lying around, keep the hiding spots simple such as behind doors or underneath tables. Your dog will get exercise running around trying to find all of the hidden treats.

Tug of war or keep-away
Playing tug of war with your dog is a great way to wear them out quickly. Dogs love this game and so they won’t get bored of it easily, which means you can play right up until they’re too exhausted to continue. Keep away is another great game that will give your dog the exercise it needs to wear it out and release all of that built up energy.

Create an obstacle course
If you want to both challenge and exercise your dog indoors, why not try building them their very own indoor obstacle course? Use any old household items such as boxes, empty drawers, pillows or chairs and guide them through the course until they have learnt how to complete it by simply following your commands. This will not only exercise your dog physically but also offer mental stimulation.

Arrange a play date
If your dog can’t get outside to play, a great solution to get them the exercise they need is to invite another dog over for a playdate. No doubt the other dog owner will be having the same problem so finding a playmate shouldn’t be hard, just make sure you’ve got enough toys for them both.

Follow the leader
This game will not only provide exercise for your dog, but can also serve as a great way to train it simple instructions such as obeying commands and demonstrating restraint. It is simple but effective, use one of your dog’s favourite toys or treats, show them that you have it and then call them to you. Allow your dog to follow you around the house at whatever pace you choose until they have managed to get rid of some of their energy.

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