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Lifespans of the Animal Kingdom

Tuesday October 6th 2015

The animal kingdom has a plethora of creatures, ranging vastly in size, shape, mode of movement and habitat. The natural kingdom is extremely diverse, and after thousands of years of habitation on Earth, we're still yet to identify every species out there – we've roughly 95% of the ocean yet to discover! In the wild, animals are fighting a battle for survival against predators and at times the challenging elements, and it can sometime be pot luck how long these creatures survive.

Animals in captivity are protected from drought, flood, fire, and predators. They are fed regularly and if they get injured or become ill, they receive medical attention and care, helping them to live long and healthy lives. Wild animals however do not have such advantages. They live only as long as they are able to defend themselves and find food, and because of this determining their life expectancy can be a challenge.

From man's best friend to the 'immortal' jellyfish, helpucover has identified lifespans for a range of animals, from some of the more unusual creatures to the everyday animals we all know and love.

Click on the image below to see the "Lifespans of the Animal Kingdom" infographic.

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