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30 Garden Plants That Are Harmful For Your Pets

Wednesday September 9th 2015

With summer now well and truly upon us, lots of us are spending much more time in the garden amongst an array of beautiful garden plants. You may not think of these garden plants as dangerous, but there are many that can actually be surprisingly harmful to your pets.

Here at helpucover, there is nothing more important to us than keeping pets safe. So we have looked into the most popular plants found in our gardens, and listed exactly how toxic they are to our beloved pets. Did you know that Lilies are dangerous for cats, dogs, rabbits and even humans? Likewise with Daffodils and many more plants that your pet may come across in your garden.

Check out our infographic below to find out just how harmful they are, which parts of the plants are most dangerous, and some safety tips to help keep your garden a place for both you and your pets to enjoy.

Click on the image below to see "30 Garden Plants That Are Harmful For Your Pets" infographic.

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