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5 Ways To Get Fit And Healthy With Your Pet This Year

Monday June 1st 2015

Exercise isn't just important for our health, but for our dogs' too. It is widely known that owning a pet is good for our well-being - they help to lower blood pressure and reduce stress for example - but their energetic instincts can also be used to improve our cardiovascular health.

5 Ways To Get Fit And Healthy With Your Pet This Year

Here are 5 ways of getting fit with your pet:

1. Walk Your Dog

Dogs require at least one walk every single day, and this can actually be used to our advantage to. Taking your dog on a brisk walk each day will help both you and your dog get fitter, maintain a healthier weight and boost your immune system. Unless you live in beautiful surroundings, walks can get quite repetitive and boring, but this is no excuse to stop - why not try bringing your dog to a local park or somewhere completely new to the both of you every now and then to keep it exciting!

2. Run With Your Dog

An excellent way of turning walking your dog into an even more challenging exercise for the both of you is to turn it into a jog instead! Dogs will naturally try and keep up with you, but it is important to remember that they will need frequent breaks (although that is probably true for us too!) To ensure you don’t injure your dog, start by walking and then jogging in short intervals, and slowly build up to longer jogs.

3. Cycling

This is certainly a more advanced workout for you and your dog, and it requires you to purchase some extras such as a non-tangling lead and a harness. It's very easy to pick up the speed on a bike, so make sure you stop for frequent breaks and bring water for both you and your dog! You should cycle slowly to start with, to ensure you are in total control and to check that your dog is comfortable with the exercise. If you're both happy with it though, cycling through beautiful scenery with your dog can be a wonderful workout.

4. Agility Training

Agility training exercises your dog more than you, but it still requires you to keep up with them! You can create your own obstacles, or take your dog along to a class, and your dog will get to channel their energy into running, jumping, and even crawling. You will need to keep alongside them throughout giving them commands and treats, so it is a cardiovascular workout for you too!

5. Doga

If you want to try something completely different - why not try dog yoga, which also known as Doga! Doga is a type of Hatha yoga for both you and your dog. It incorporates stretching, massage and meditation and is said to help reduce stress and results in you feeling more connected to your dog!

This article was written on behalf of helpucover. helpucover is a trading style of Pinnacle Insurance plc, an insurance company who offers pet insurance.