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8 Gadgets Your Pet Will Love

Monday May 18th 2015

It’s no secret that we all enjoy a gadget or two, and it’s becoming increasingly rare to see somebody without a smartphone glued to their hand. Why should we have all the fun though? There are a number of gadgets available for high tech pets. Here are 10 examples that your pet will love:

1. Light Up Ball
If you tend to walk your dog in the evenings or late at night, there aren’t many games you can play en route. With a light up ball however, you can play all sorts of games regardless of whether the sun is down.

2. Pet Cube
Pets can get lonely while their owners are away, and the Pet Cube has speakers to let you interact with them. It even has a built in laser pointer that you can control via your smartphone.

3. Petnet
In addition to being lonely while you’re away, pets can also get hungry. The Petnet allows you to make sure your pet eats at the correct time each day, as it automatically dispenses food whenever you say so via your smartphone.

4. Scratch Board DJ Deck
This DJ deck features a scratch board vinyl, so your cat can have fun while also looking like a worldwide DJ! Play some music so they can really get the whole experience!

5. Fetch Machine
There is something about running after a ball and returning it to their owner so they can have another go that all dogs seem to love. After a long day at work though, or when we just want to relax on the weekend, we won’t always feel like playing with them. The fetch machine is perfect for this, as it automatically throws the ball whenever your dog places the ball back inside it.

6. Tracker Collar
This isn’t so much a gadget that your dog will enjoy directly, but he will certainly enjoy being reunited with you he ever gets lost. This high tech collar features a GPS tracking device, so you can locate your pet at all times on your smartphone map. It even sends you alerts when they go off your set grid.

7. Dog Treadmill
It’s important to keep dogs active – they have a lot of energy and love to run around. If the weather’s not great one day and you don’t feel like taking them outdoors, let them use up their energy by exercising on a pet-sized treadmill. Yes, you really can buy these for your dog!

8. Pet Cam
The popularity of GoPro’s has been enormous over the last year or so, with people wanting to broadcast their adventures. Well, why not record your pet’s adventures? Attach this camera and hit record before you next take your pet for a walk, or just leave it on them when they play in the garden!

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