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16 Pets That Can't Wait to Go Trick or Treating This Halloween

Tuesday October 21st 2014

Dressing up in fancy dress is great fun, and Halloween gives us all a socially acceptable opportunity to do this every single year. It’s not just us humans who are looking forward to it though – check out these adorable pets that just can’t wait to go from door to door collecting their treats and scaring any other pets that cross their path:

1. It’s only right that such a strong dog gets to dress up as the strongest superhero – The Hulk! View it here!

2. All of us at here at Helpucover are scared of wasps, let alone massive ones that can run, jump and bark! View it

3. Who would have thought a bit of paint could make such a beautiful horse look so frightening? Take a look for yourself here!

4. This pumpkin dog looks incredibly excited to go trick or treating! View it here.

5. Trick or treat? Looks like this pooch got both! View it here.

6. And this poor cat just got a trick! View it here.

7. We think he *used* to have a parrot on his shoulder… View it here. ://

8. No pet is too small for Halloween! Take a look!

9. You’d better give this cat all the treats you can find, before she casts a spell on you! View it here.

10. This dog doesn’t need any treats – he and his ‘friend’ have already found the hidden treasure – check it out!

11. Another dog dressing up as his favourite superhero. Superdog to the rescue! View it here.

12. We think this owner is a bit confused! View it here.

13. Harry Potter fan? This dog is!

14. Miley Cyrus fans will like this costume. “I came in like a wrecking pug!”

15. A lazy dog’s guide to dressing up as a ghost… View it here.

16. A lazy dog’s guide to dressing up like a pumpkin… View it here.

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