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40 Insane Pet Laws from Around the World

Thursday October 23rd 2014

You might reasonably assume that the law doesn't extend to pets, however you’d be wrong. It seems the world is full of wacky rules our furry friends are supposed to adhere to - not even man’s best friend is above the law!

From curfews for cats in Japan to restrictions on naming pigs in France, we’ve uncovered a whole host of laws that are frankly barking mad. While it’s unlikely many of these laws are policed very thoroughly, our latest infographic will make you think twice about educating pets in Connecticut or taking a poodle to the opera in Illinois.

Come with us on a journey around the world and delve into some of the weirdest pet laws there are; but be prepared, you might find your four-legged friend has been involved in illegal activities - in some countries, anyway.

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