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How Much Would It Cost to Insure Animals from the Movies?

Monday September 8th 2014

We love any films to do with animals here at helpucover, but while we watch these animal stars in action, we can’t help but wonder how much they would cost to insure. So, we decided to work it out and present the results in this infographic!

From insuring all one hundred and one Dalmatians, to the mischievous cat Garfield, and even the giant gorilla King Kong, this infographic gives our ideas on just how much these animals would cost to insure if they were kept as pets.

Obviously this is only a bit of fun, and the insurance quotes will not be completely accurate (the animals are fictional after all), but we’ve done substantial research to ensure they are as precise as possible. For example, with the dogs, we’ve been able to look at their breed and age, and compare them to our pet insurance records. We haven’t insured any gorillas or great white sharks before though, so we’ve had to use our imagination a little for these characters!

The insurance premiums presented in this infographic are in line with our Classic Lifetime pet insurance policy.

Click on the image below to see "How Much Would It Cost to Insure Animals from the Movies?" infographic.

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