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14 Things Pets Do that Would Be Weird if We Did Them

Wednesday August 27th 2014

While we love our pets, some of their behavior is a little odd. While we tend to overlook it because they're animals, if people started doing the things our pets did, it would be weird. Really weird.

14 Things Pets Do that Would Be Weird if We Did Them

These 14 examples are the tip of the iceberg.

1. Following people into the toilet
I've never met a cat that didn’t like following humans into the toilet. Although women are known for going to the bathroom together on nights out, they still wouldn't dream of venturing into the same cubicle!

2. Drinking out of the toilet
Dogs don't have much better toilet behavior. If they're thirsty and have access to an open toilet, dogs will happily quench their thirst in the bathroom. Any human that would rather drink from the toilet bowl instead of the tap would rightly be regarded with maximum suspicion.

3. Barking / Hissing / Shouting at strangers
The customary way for humans to greet strangers is with a handshake. Barking or hissing at them wouldn't be the best way to make a first impression. Then again, it's better than the alternative…

4. Sniffing other humans
Humans wear perfume or aftershave because they like to smell good - but that doesn't mean they want to be sniffed.

5. Licking ourselves
Cats are known for being very clean animals, because they're constantly licking themselves but humans should probably find other ways to maintain good hygiene standards.

6. Bunting
Bunting isn't only a decorative string of flags or ribbons - it's also the technical term for the head butting action that cats do. They do it because they have scent glands on their face. Humans don't have scent glands, and even if we did, we'd still look really weird if we went around rubbing our faces over furniture and other people.

7. Eating grass
Cats are carnivores, but many of them will still eat grass. Humans should eat plenty of greens, but there's no need to go munching on the lawn - just imagine what your neighbors would think.

8. Chewing slippers / scratching furniture
Whether chewing your slippers or scratching at the furniture, your pets are ultimately destructive creatures. We certainly don't like our pets attempting to tear up our possessions, but we (kind of) understand why they do it. If you started scratching at your sofa or biting through your footwear even your pet would think you were an oddball.

9. Digging holes in the garden
There's nothing wrong with digging a hole in the garden if you're planning on planting something. But if you're digging it to bury a bone, your family are probably going to want to have a chat with you.

10. Pouncing at birds
The desire to catch birds is hardwired into your cat's DNA - as far as excuses for doing something goes, that's a pretty good one. Human DNA is arguably responsible for a lot of things, but pouncing on birds will never be one of them, so leave the sparrows alone.

11. Sleeping whenever you want, wherever you want
Apart from being fired for never turning up to work (or sleeping on the job), it would look incredibly strange if you started sleeping in the laundry basket, or curled up for a quick nap on the armchair, or had the occasional 40 winks on somebody's lap…

12. Rolling around on the floor
Dogs and cats both love to roll around on the floor, especially if it means they can stretch out their legs and expose their bellies for a little tickle. Toddlers can get away with this as well. Fully grown adults cannot.

13. Chasing your arm
Cats and dogs provide endless entertainment when they decide to chase their own tails. Of course, humans don’t have tails, but they could always try chasing an arm or a leg instead. While your immediate family might think you're a bit weird, it could make you a YouTube celebrity for the week at least.

14. Walking around in circles before lying down
It's believed that domestic pets walk around in circles before sitting or lying down as a hangover from their days as wild animals. The idea is that doing this would prepare their sleeping area by patting down any tall grass. Walking around in circles will only make you dizzy, so instead, just pull back your blanket and hop into bed.

This article was written on behalf of helpucover. helpucover is a trading style of Pinnacle Insurance plc, an insurance company who offers pet insurance.