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15 Reasons Why Your Pet is a Lot Smarter than You

Monday July 28th 2014

While the debate about whether cats or dogs are smarter rages on with no sign of quietening down, there's one thing that can't be disputed: more often than not pets are smarter than their owners. Don't believe it? These are 15 reasons that prove why pets are smarter than you.

15 Reasons Why Your Pet is a Lot Smarter than You

1. Their awesome sense of direction
When have you ever heard of a cat using Google Maps to get home? Generally cats have a great sense of direction, although if you have an indoor cat you really shouldn’t put this theory to the test!

2. Their incredible earthquake detection capabilities
There's a mountain of anecdotal evidence that suggests dogs can sense the arrival of an earthquake. That might be more useful in San Francisco than Bradford, but it's nothing to sniff at.

3. The super sense of smell
Talking of sniffing, dogs have an awesome sense of smell that made them great hunting companions. It also lets them know precisely when their (or your) dinner is ready.

4. Seriously, their sense of smell is off the chart
Dogs can even be trained to smell cancer. That's not just smart - that's life saving.

5. Off the scale hearing
Cats and dogs will often know when a visitor is coming to your door before they've even had a chance to knock. No, they're not psychic, they just have an excellent sense of hearing.

6. Their puppy dog eyes
Dogs are smart enough to know that when you're angry, it's their job to look extremely remorseful, so they turn on the puppy dog eyes and you melt. Yes, it's true - your dog is a master manipulator.

7. Or purrfect purrs
Cats are just as good at exploiting us hapless humans. They have a special purr with a frequency similar to that of a human baby that they reserve for when they want attention or food.

8. They don't have midlife crises

Maybe it's the fact that dogs and cats age about seven times quicker than humans, but you won't find them suffering from a midlife crisis by adopting crazy haircuts or buying ridiculously expensive cars to drive.

9. They don't work much…
While you work 9-5 to ensure your pet is fed, watered and taken care of, they're free to lounge about the house. Who even knows what these smarty pants get up to while you're at work?.

10. …but when they do they love it
On the few occasions your pets 'work' it's doing something they love. Whether its rat-catching cats, or dogs doing some pre-washing of your dinner plates, the job perks are incredible. Can you honestly say you love your job as much as your pet does?

11. Dogs understand simple commands
Tell a dog to sit it'll sit. Ask it to stay and it'll stay. Ask your husband to lift the toilet seat before he relieves himself and… If you're lucky he'll at least flush it.

12. Cats will flush the toilet

Unlike some of the other animals humans in your house, a cat can learn to always flush once it's been to the toilet.

13. But only because they want to
Don't think your cat flushes the toilet for your benefit though; they do it because they're clean - cats are far too clever to do things just because it pleases their human owners. Instead, they'll sleep where they want, demand your attention when they want, and generally just do what they want.

14. Cats can wash themselves while watching television
Unless you have a television in your bathroom you probably can't watch Eastenders while washing yourself. Cats can and do, because they've smart enough to know that licking themselves is just as effective a way of washing as taking a shower.

15. They don't discriminate
If you're friendly to a cat or dog they will be friendly back. It doesn't matter if you're not particularly pretty, or don't have much money. They don't care about race or gender. If humans could take a page out of their pet's book and treat people purely on their personality the world would be a much happier place.

This article was written on behalf of helpucover. helpucover is a trading style of Pinnacle Insurance plc, an insurance company who offers pet insurance.