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10 Comments You Should Never Make to a Dog Owner

Monday April 28th 2014

If you're a dog owner, you have undoubtedly had the majority of these comments thrown at you in the past - and you have probably lost your temper each and every time.

10 Comments You Should Never Make to a Dog Owner

Regardless of how well-intended the comments are supposed to be, more often than not they come across as rude to the dog owner.

Here are 10 comments that are better left unsaid:

1. "Why are you so upset that your dog died? You can just get a new one."
This comment is only ever said by people who have never once owned a pet. Not only is it rude, but it is also incredibly insensitive. If you sadly lost your grandad, you wouldn't simply replace him with a similar looking old man would you? The same applies to dogs - especially as dog owners can become extremely attached to their pet. They are irreplaceable and can take a very long time to get over.

2. "You can come, but you have to leave your dog at home."
Obviously we dog owners don't expect to be able to bring our dogs with us everywhere we go. We are well-aware that our dogs aren't allowed in most shops or restaurants, but we do expect our well-behaved dogs to be able to accompany us when we visit your house for instance. Leaving dogs alone can be difficult for owners and dog minders can be rather expensive.

3. "Ew, how can you let your dog kiss you?"

Ah, the 'pooch smooch'. This activity of allowing our dogs lick our faces grosses out the majority of non-dog owners. While it is indeed unhygienic and can spread bacteria, it is ultimately up to the dog owner whether they want to let their dog near their face or not - so don’t comment on it.

4. "Do you have dogs because you don’t have any kids?"
This is one of the most infuriating comments people tend to make. Many dog owners have children too, and consider them both to be part of the family. Just because somebody has a pet dog and doesn't have a child, doesn't mean that it's the reason why!

5. "Do you think you're single because you spend so much time with your dog?"
Similarly to the above comment, this is another absurd question that all single dog owners get asked at some point - and the answer is obviously no. It's an incredibly disrespectful and hurtful comment to make, and is certainly better left unsaid.

6. "You shouldn't let your dog sleep on your bed, you know."

This comment is often thrown at you when your dog jumps onto the sofa too. However, cuddling up to or sleeping with a dog is important to some dog owners as it can help them feel happy, relaxed and safer.

7. "Are you really going to let him do that? You should punish him or he’ll never learn."
Again, this is often said by non-dog owners. Albeit sometimes subtly, we dog owners are almost always actually teaching our dogs a lesson when they misbehave. Simply ignoring your pet can be enough to let the dog know that he has done wrong - punishments don't have to be obvious. Don't tell somebody that they should hit their dog, and certainly never hit somebody else's dog for them - or you might just get (deservedly) hit yourself!

8. "Your dog is costing you way too much money. You should consider giving him away."
Money doesn’t necessarily bring you happiness, but dogs do. It is also nobody's business what you decide to spend your money on. As mentioned before, dog owners often see their dog as part of the family, so spending money on their health, happiness and well-being is money well spent for many dog owners.

9. "You are aware that he can't understand you when you talk to him, right?"

People don’t tend to say this when we say "sit" or "here boy" - it's more when we tell our dog what we plan to buy, or complain to him about how much laundry we have to do. Still, dog owners often see their dog as their best friend and it's nice to talk to them - regardless of whether they understand the content. Don't tell us we can't talk to our dogs, or we won't talk to you.

10. "Ah, I've heard that breed is pretty vicious!"
You may well have heard that stereotype, but you haven't heard that about my dog in particular. Dogs are only vicious if they haven't been trained properly, so it is extremely insulting to be told that our dog is going to be mean - especially when we know how cuddly and friendly he is!

Author Bio:
This article was written on behalf of helpucover. helpucover is a trading style of Pinnacle Insurance plc, an insurance company who offers pet insurance.