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How to Pet-Proof your House and Other Tips for a Cleaner and Tidier Home

Monday April 28th 2014

Admit it - while you love your pets, sometimes you wish they wouldn’t cause quite as much mess in your home. While you might be able to teach your dog to sit, teaching it to not chew your slippers or your cat to not leave hairs all over your sofa is more of a challenge. Here are a few ways you can pet-proof your house for a tidier and cleaner home.

How to Pet-Proof your House and Other Tips for a Cleaner and Tidier Home

Childproof cupboard doors
Some particularly dextrous pets will be able to open your cupboard doors. Not only might this lead to mess, but depending on the contents of the cupboard your pet's health could be put at risk. You can prevent any chance of trouble by investing in some cheap and easy to install childproof locks.

Encourage chewing and scratching

It won't have escaped any pet owner's attention that dogs love to chew and cats love to scratch. If you want to limit the chances that the object of their chewing and scratching is a piece of furniture you're rather keen on you should make sure they have suitable alternatives. Cats should have access to a scratching post while dogs will need appropriate chew toys for their size. You can also purchase anti-chew and anti-scratch pet sprays which can be used to deter your pets from this behavior where it's not wanted.

Clear the table
Cats love to jump up on tables, so try to leave them as clear as possible when you’re not using them. Not only will this prevent your cat from knocking anything over, it'll make it easier for you to give the table a wipe before setting it for dinner. As cats can bring in germs and bacteria from outside, it's important to always use an anti-bacterial cleaner.

Get ready for dinner
If you have messy four-legged eaters in the family put your pet's food and water bowl onto a tray. Any pet food that doesn't quite make it into their mouths can easily be wiped away with your having to get on your hands and knees. If you have a particularly vigorous drinker you might want to consider buying a spill proof bowl.

Provide bedding

If the only comfortable place for your pet to lie down is on the sofa there's only one place they're going to end up sleeping, which will mean hair on your bed and sofa. Provide them with alternatives - making sure that if you have more than one pet each one has their own space - and you'll notice less hair on your own comfortable areas.

Groom your pet
Another thing you can do to reduce the amount of hair floating about your home is to regularly groom you pet. It's not necessarily the most enjoyable task, but if you think of it as a chance to spend time with your pet and bond i'’ll at least seem more worthwhile.

Don't leave things dangling
Whether it's a curtain sash or the telephone cord, pets consider these dangling objects a toy so tuck them away if you don't want them pulling at your television or other costly equipment. If your pet has to amuse itself with dangling cords then you might want to consider

Have supplies at the ready
Even if you groom your pet regularly and make sure they have somewhere to sit or sleep in every room you're inevitably going to find hair in unwanted places. Similarly, your pet may from time to time have accidents. Therefore it's important you have supplies at the ready so you can undo the damage as quickly and a specially designed cleaning product from your local pet shop.

While owning a pet is usually very rewarding it can undoubtedly throw up some a challenge from time to time. These are just a few tips to help your home stay clean and tidy with a pet - feel free to share any you might have in the comments below!

This article was written on behalf of helpucover. helpucover is a trading style of Pinnacle Insurance plc, an insurance company who offers pet insurance.