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5 Gadgets to help you Track your Travels

Tuesday January 14th 2014

Every advert for a holiday ever made has promised something along the lines of 'unforgettable memories'. But memories inevitably fade, or at the very least need a helpful reminder from time to time. That's why people have been taking holiday snaps ever since the invention of the camera. These days you've got more ways than ever to make sure you have a holiday you really can't forget.

Digital Camera
There's nothing revolutionary about suggesting you slip a digital camera in your suitcase, but suggesting you pack one with wi-fi and app functionality such as the Samsung Galaxy Camera will really open up what you can do on holiday. For a start you don’t need to worry about bringing along extra memory cards or USB cables – you can transfer everything directly to the cloud or onto your laptop to free up space on your device. Even better, you can share your HD photos on services like Facebook and Instagram immediately, allowing you to share the record of your holiday with friends and family.

While many digital cameras offer video functionality, a camcorder designed specifically with traveling in mind, such as the Panasonic Pocket Camcorder will allow you to document your trip in ways a camera won't. Lightweight yet durable models that are waterproof, dustproof and even freezeproof will allow you to relive every moment of your trip, whether you're skiing in the Alps, frolicking on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro or trekking through the Cameron Highlands in South East Asia.

GPS Tracker
For vacations or trips that will involve a lot of travelling, a GPS Tracker is a great little device for keeping a record of when and where you go. Something like the i-gotU is ideal as it's small, affordable and has a long battery life. If you make sure the time on your tracker and camera is synced you can even use it to geo-tag any photos you take, even if the camera isn’t able to do that itself. As well as being a great way to record your movements, it also has obvious safety benefits making it a worthwhile addition to any backpacker's backpack.

While the limitations of a dictaphone will be an instant turn-off for some people, the challenges that recording a trip with an audio-recording device present can actually be beneficial. Forcing you to think of language that adequately sums up what you’re experiencing can make you really appreciate where you are and what you're doing. Then there's the fact that taking a moment to stop and look at something without a lens between you can also uncover some special sights.
There will also be times when you're happy to capture audio without any pictures –using a camera would take up too much memory and doesn't capture sound at such a high quality anyway. Furthermore, if you plan to blog about your trip, a dictaphone is a good way to record your thoughts on the move so you can write them down later…

Tablet – with blogging app
Blogging is a great way to keep a written record of your trip – and you can incorporate photos, videos, GPS logs and even voice recordings to make it even better. Of course, if you're traveling you might not want to lug a laptop around with you. The iPad Air is the lightest full size tablet available and also has a longer battery life than laptops, making it a much more convenient option.
Wordpress and Blogger both have apps for iOS and Android devices, although if you've yet to set up a blog it's worth pointing out that the Wordpress flavour has much more functionality at the moment.

Taste and Smell
Whether you're looking back on photos of iconic landmarks, listening to a concert you attended or reading over stories about people you met, these gadgets can help turn any trip into one you’ll treasure forever. Now we just need to get people working on a way to capture the unique smells and tastes we encounter while abroad for enjoyment at a later date!

Author Bio:
This article was written on behalf of helpucover. helpucover is a trading style of Pinnacle Insurance plc, an insurance company who offers pet insurance.