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How to avoid heart break this Valentines Day

Wednesday February 1st 2012

With 2.7 million* people currently unemployed in the UK, the highest rate since 1996, not everyone is looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Insurer says February 14th need not be a wash out even if you are broke. estimates people can spend anything from £150.00 upwards for a meal and flowers alone**. With over hyped prices, it’s no wonder Valentine’s Day can be dreaded by many, especially the unemployed. To beat the crunch,, has come up with some top tips to ensure the course of true love runs smoothly, even if cash is limited.

Ten top (cheaper) tips to keep your loved one happy on February 14th
• Instead of a meal out paying extortionate prices surrounded by other couples, create your own romantic restaurant at home. Set the mood, use candles instead of lighting. Get Barry White playing in the background and let your partner relax while you do the cooking.
• Many supermarkets have some great meal deals planned for Valentine’s Day. These even include wine. You can cook up a romantic meal just by reading the instructions!
• Send your true love an anonymous card to get their heart pounding. If you do own up, why not send a card with a picture of the two of you to bring back happy memories?
• Find your inner poet! – sending your loved one a poem can cost nothing and mean the world. If you need help use the internet.
• Small things can mean a lot – just doing something special for your partner can go a long way. Why not run them a relaxing bubble bath – light candles and bring them a glass of wine?
• Write an “I owe you” for your time. Promise to do something special for them at the weekend – even if its letting them lie in or taking the children out so they can have a break.
• Talk to your partner. This might sound obvious but many couples have actually lost the art of conversation. When was the last time you really sat down and asked your partner if they are happy? What their dreams are? Rediscover the person you fell in love with.
• Go for a romantic walk – wrap up, snuggle up and whisper sweet nothings in your partner’s ear - tell them what you would like to do with them when you get home!
• Make Valentines night a movie night. Get the snacks in, chill the drinks and get romantic DVDs at the ready and dim the lights……..
• Lastly, if you’re single? Invite all your friends round. Get them all to bring some food. Sit and remind yourselves all the good points about being single – like not having to worry about Valentines Day!!
Student, Caroline Morris, is well aware of the pressure Valentine’s Day can put on people. “For me, Valentine’s Day is the one time of year where you’re actually supposed to be spoilt and valued by your boyfriend. If he does not have any money, a card and a home cooked meal will go a very long way. The worse thing he could do is forget, like he did last year, after a lad’s trip away. I’m still getting over it but we are still together!


* Unemployment facts from the National Office of Statistics Jan 2012

**Estimated costs of flowers for Valentines day 2012 based on Interflora quotes
• A Dozen red roses - £44.99 for Dramatic dozen

Estimated costs of meal or hotel for Monday 14 Feb 2012
• Overnight stay in hotel - £89 per standard double – (outside London)
• Valentine meal - £50.00 per person – including wine