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Truffle threat to Crufts debut

Thursday June 2nd 2011

Press Release

March 8 2011

Truffle threat to Crufts debut

Cizi, the budding young miniature Dachshund, nearly blew his future last weekend. Fed up with his Crufts training and grooming routines, Cizi decided to indulge in a bit of comfort eating.

Cizi, age one and from Radlett, Herts, recently qualified for Crufts and his owner Suzie Friend has been doing her best to make sure he is in tip-top condition for his debut performance.

"I suspected something was wrong when I realised it was very quiet" said Suzie, devoted owner and Crufts novice herself. Cizi was looking 'sheepish' and then I saw the empty chocolate truffle box, which had been sealed and was on the sofa. It did not stop Cizi putting his training into practice and he jumped up and ate the lot."

Fortunately, Suzie remembered reading a warning about chocolate being poisonous to dogs and immediately rang the vet. Cizi's exploits led to an injection to induce vomiting and a night on a drip in the vet's hospital*.

Dr Eric Jackson veterinarian for insurer said "Most Dogs will eat chocolate if they get the chance and Cizi's behavior is typical. Suzie did the right thing and quick action is always necessary if a dog eats anything it shouldn't."

After his exploits Cizi is currently having a mini break with Suzie in the Dordogne to recover from his ordeal in time for next week's big show.

"It's been a week of 'firsts' for Cizi." commented Suzie from the Dordogne, "His first (and last) taste of truffles, his first night spent at a vet's and now his first mini break abroad, using his new pet passport. I just hope he does not forget all his training while he unwinds and gets over his traumatic time."

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*Cizi is insured by Cizi's treatment last week cost £250.