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HTC Mini: Smaller, lighter, cheaper

Wednesday July 31st 2013

HTC will start selling its new smartphone in the UK within the next fortnight, according to mobile sources.

The award-winning Taiwanese phone maker's One Mini handset will start shipping on August 12, according to online SIM-free retailer Unlocked Mobiles.

It claims the phone will be smaller, lighter and cheaper.

The new model is a smaller version of HTC's flagship One smartphone. It should appeal to people chasing a budget handset - costing £364.98.

The HTC One Mini's features include:

- a smaller screen than its big brother

- a 4.3in HD 720p Super LCD 2 screen

- a downgraded dual-core 1.4GHz processor

- a plastic edging design around its metal casing

HTC told IT website the Inquirer that the pint-sized handset will be arriving next month without specifying dates and has already started taking pre-orders.

Two of its most striking features are its fantastic display quality and its unibody aluminium shell.

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