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HM Revenue and Customs staff strike

Monday December 12th 2011

Thousands of HM Revenue and Customs workers will go on strike on Tuesday in disputes over jobs, changes to sick leave and the privatisation of services.

Staff who are part of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) will strike for three hours from midday.

PCS officials said it currently has 50,000 HM Revenue and Customs members and around 20,000 will be involved in the industrial action.

Workers are protesting against plans to give "sensitive data" about tax credits to private companies, which staff believe will lead to job losses.

This week's action is part of a year-long trial of using private staff in two centres in Scotland and Cumbria but the union said instead of "wasting" public money on the private sector trial, HM Revenue and Customs should utilise existing staff at peak call centre times.

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