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Guinness tickled pink by record bid

Monday January 25th 2010

A lovesick twentysomething from south London has come up with a novel way of mending his broken heart - by covering his white Fiat 500 in bright pink nail varnish.

Details of whether David Sheath has car value protection cover in place before he begins his mammoth task are unconfirmed, however, the unflappable 28-year-old is apparently undaunted by the prospect of shaving pounds off the re-sale value of his beloved Fiat with every one of the 240,000 strokes he will need to transform the car.

Not satisfied with all the attention that he will receive driving a bright pink Fiat 500 around the streets of south London, David has set up his own website so fans can chart his progress via a live video stream.

He is hoping to have his commitment recognised as a new world record by adjudicators Guinness, which will monitor the epic task from start to finish.

Asked why he is choosing to live, eat, sleep and bathe in the same studio in which the record-attempt is taking place, David said: "I broke up with my girlfriend and thought this would be a great way to get through it. I hope to nail the job in seven days but I've never done anything like this before."

A spokesperson for Guinness World Records said David's attempt was a "potentially interesting claim."

His progress is being streamed live and non-stop on the internet at

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