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Greek kitten has grand life in UK

Thursday August 21st 2014

A woman who found a kitten while on holiday on a Greek island has spent more than £1,000 on bringing him back to her home in Cornwall.

Ali Gill went to the island of Tilos to see her friend, the author Jennifer Barclay, back in June. While she was there she found a starving kitten that had been abandoned by its mum, lost half its tail and had a leg injury. She named him Squeak because of the sound of his cries when she found him.

She grew so attached to 12-week-old Squeak that she decided she had to have him with her in the UK and two months and £1,000 in travel fares and veterinary expenses later he is now settled in her Penzance home. Cat owners can cover vets' bills by arranging Pet Insurance cover.

Squeak's leg wound hasn't fully healed but he isn't limping anymore and he is getting stronger all the time, Ali says.

She knows he had a long journey to get to England but he will never lack food and shelter again.

Squeak isn't the only cat in the house but he is confident around the others and tucks into his food.

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