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Greedy dog no longer has run of kitchen

Wednesday September 30th 2015

A hungry Labrador has forced a couple in Lincolnshire to spend £25,000 on making their kitchen dog-proof.

Nine-year-old Rollo used to help himself to whatever he fancied after teaching himself how to open cupboards, drawers and the fridge.

The pooch would eat jars of mincemeat - including the glass - and whole packs of yoghurts. He even tucked into builders' packed lunches when their backs were turned, plus once ate a box of cigarettes.

Home-grown vegetables in the greenhouse were his fallback if there was nothing in the kitchen. Owner Sue Kirk, from Sleaford, and her partner Stewart Maher, 47, eventually decided enough was enough.

They have installed cupboards with handles that Rollo is unable to open, while the fridge is equipped with high pull-handles that are out of his reach. The entrance to the greenhouse is also blocked with a child safety gate. Ms Kirk says the chocolate Labrador is like a terminator. She says he will eat anything and everything.

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