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Grass allergy dog gets Velcro boots

Friday January 31st 2014

A dog with a seasonal grass allergy has been fitted with a £50 set of specially made Canadian Velcro boots.

Bluey, from Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire, can spend hours licking his paws after just a few minutes outside during autumn and winter.

The eight-year-old Weimaraner developed the problem as a puppy, but his owner, Julie Farr, 38, noticed that it deteriorated once they moved away from the city.

"We have had Bluey since he was a puppy and we have noticed the problems before but it got much worse after we moved and he was spending more time outside," she said,

"His feet were often inflamed and red. He would lick and bite them until I covered his feet in a blanket.

"I even tried tying carrier bags round his feet to ease the problem, but it wasn't very practical, so I found the boots online.

"At first he wasn't impressed, but now he will happily wear them. It's fantastic to see him running round without any problems."

A vet has been unable to diagnose exactly what Bluey is allergic to, however narrowed it down to something found outdoors.

The canine is already unable to eat any meat other than fish or turkey and has had to take allergy tablets.

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