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Golden retriever found after 559 days

Tuesday January 12th 2016

Murphy's law is the supposed principle which says that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

But there has been a happy ending in the case of Murphy the dog, who was badly traumatised following a car crash. The pooch has finally been found more than one and a half years since he was spooked into running away.

Murphy has never recovered from the mental scars of a road accident on June 29 two years ago and eluded all efforts to retrieve him. His owner, 25-year-old Kirstin Campbell, from Vermont in the US, hit a tree after coming off a road in Stowe.

Murphy ran away and has been missing from home ever since. But the timid golden retriever and Ms Campbell are now back together - 559 days after the accident.

The reunion came after a special backyard trap was set after sightings of the dog in the nearby area, where game cameras picked up footage of him.

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