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Girl reunited with pet dog after Santa letter

Wednesday December 9th 2015

Santa has given little Isla Kerr an early Christmas present after "helping" to reunite the seven-year-old schoolgirl with her beloved three-year-old dog. Dolly the blind Boston terrier went missing on Wednesday December 2 after being tied up outside a local shop.

Efforts to find her proved fruitless, so Isla, from the West Yorkshire town of Sowerby Bridge, decided she would send a letter to Santa, saying that all she wanted for Christmas was to see her pooch again. She told her mother, Vanessa Meskimmon, that Father Christmas could "do anything".

The need to find Dolly quickly was made more urgent by the fact that she requires medication every day and is blind. Santa's magic worked and on Monday December 7, Isla and Dolly were reunited.

A man phoned Ms Meskimmon after spotting Dolly in a local park. Ms Meskimmon says that Isla's Christmas wishlist has now gone back to including a baby doll, roller shoes and a Barbie house. She added that Isla believes Father Christmas lent a helping hand.

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