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Games console promises canine fun

Thursday May 8th 2014

Bored dogs can now keep themselves busy when their owners are away... thanks to a new canine games console.

CleverPet, which is available in the US for 279 dollars (£165), is being marketed as a learning console that educates and teaches dogs.

It comes with touch-sensitive pads that light up when the dog puts its paws or nose on them.

If the pet hits the pads in the correct order, food is released as a reward - and the next game becomes slightly more difficult.

The firm behind the hi-tech doggy toy explains that many dogs feel bored when left alone at home, which could cause them to start ripping up sofas or cushions.

It adds that CleverPet can keep dogs engaged and challenged at a learning level suited to each individual dog's needs, and even allows owners to keep track of when and how much their canine friend plays and eats.

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