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Gadgets leading to costly thefts

Wednesday November 6th 2013

An increase in easily portable modern technology appears to be pushing up the cost of theft from homes, research suggests.

Home insurer Zurich claims that the growing array of high-value portable gadgets has contributed to a rise of more than 40% in the average cost of thefts from homes over the last three years, even though the number of burglary claims is down.

The survey reveals that Brits would be most affected if their laptops were stolen (40%), followed by mobile phones (32%) and televisions (20%).

But despite the fact that 74% of the population are worried about being burgled, many are failing to take the simplest of precautions.

Some 21%, for example, never even bother to hide valuables when leaving the house while 37% leave portable gadgets such as iPads and e-book readers in easily accessible places.

A further 18% don't have any additional security measures setup to deter burglars, such as alarms or CCTV cameras.

"Protect the mobile tech you keep at home by hiding it away when you're out," said Phil Ost, Home Insurance expert at Zurich.

"Laptops and hard drives store some of our most important data - pictures, music and documents - which might be irreplaceable if stolen."

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