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Fundraising drive brings in £45k for dog fun park

Thursday July 30th 2015

A canine fun park is to be built in Northern Ireland. Officials at Benvardin Animal Rescue Kennels (Bark) hope its planned doggy recreation centre could secure the charity's long-term future.

It comes complete with an obstacle course, swimming pool, "dog socialisation" spaces, running areas and flyball for bigger dogs and agility trails for smaller ones.

Only three months ago, Bark teetered on the verge of closure following site owner USPCA's decision to put the site up for sale at the start of the year. But a fundraising drive raised over £45,000 and a deal to secure the land was completed this week.

Organisers hope that the 11-acre dog leisure park will help to fund the animal sanctuary to continue its rehabilitation and re-homing services. Bark finds new permanent homes for about 800 unwanted animals every year.

It relies totally on volunteers and public donations. Kelly Davidson, spokeswoman for the shelter, says the charity's predicament touched the nation's hearts.

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