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Fudge the dog dons his graduation robes

Tuesday July 7th 2015

Fudge the dog has been fitted out in special robes for a graduation ceremony at a university in Scotland.

His owner Jack Proctor joined forces with his six-year-old cocker spaniel to complete some of the assignments on his BDes (Hons) in design and digital arts at Edinburgh Napier University.

The dog starred in Jack's introductory video and coursework and featured prominently in his dissertation.

As a thank you, Mr Proctor's wife kitted Fudge out in bespoke robes so that the pooch could attend the graduation.

Mr Proctor, 34, of Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, admitted that the dog outfit might appear "eccentric".

But he said that Fudge had accompanied him on his academic journey from start to finish and had played a fundamental role in his studies. Mr Proctor even credited Fudge in the acknowledgement section of his dissertation.

And Fudge is no stranger to the limelight after appearing in a video filmed last year for the ice bucket challenge in which Mr Proctor used technical trickery to show himself getting soaked by his dog.

The video racked up millions of views on Facebook and 250,000 on YouTube.

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