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Foster a cat to deal with rodent problems

Thursday April 30th 2015

People whose homes are being plagued by mice are being offered the chance to foster a cat to help tackle the problem.

Rescue cats which are being housed in London's Wood Green animal centre are being offered to help catch the rodents.

In return, families will look after the cat and consider turning the fostering agreement into a temporary adoption.

The scheme is a collaboration between Wood Green and Handy, an on-demand cleaning and DIY service which is now offering the cat service through its app.

People in London can look at the selection of cats and foster one for free, though a donation is encouraged. Each of the cats on the app has its own life story for users to read.

Juliette Jones, animal welfare consultant at Wood Green, said the scheme is a good way of allowing cats to spend time in a home away from the rescue centre.

The centre looks after more than 200 cats and Juliette said she is hopeful that the project will open people's minds to the positive practical and emotional impact caring for a cat can have.

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