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Ford workers face job loss threat

Monday October 29th 2012

Staff losing their jobs due to the closure of Ford's Transit factory will receive help from the Government.

More than 500 people will be out of work when the plant in Southampton winds down next summer, at the same time as another production site in Dagenham, Essex closes.

Commons leader Andrew Lansley said that although the announcements from Ford were bad news, the overall outlook for the UK motor industry was more promising. And he pledged that the Government would give those facing redundancy whatever support was necessary.

Caroline Nokes, the Conservative MP for Romsey and Southampton North, said not only would the closure of the Southampton factory see 500 posts axed but there would be a negative impact on other companies who do business with the plant, which could see further job losses in the future.

Mr Lansley said that despite Ford's decision to close two sites, the UK now exported more cars than it imported for the first time in a long time. And he said money had been invested in the UK by four other major car manufacturers - Honda, Nissan, BMW and Jaguar.

But he admitted that this did not diminish the emotional and financial distress which would be caused by the closures.

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