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Ford Transit tops MOT failure table

Friday January 15th 2010

The agency responsible for vehicle licensing and testing in the UK has revealed an MOT 'failure table' of the country's most popular cars and vans.

The list, revealed under the Freedom of Information Act by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), found that Ford Transit Connect drivers were most likely to be the victims of MOT failures, at a rate of 30.5%, closely followed by Renault Megane drivers (28.1%) and regular Ford Transit drivers (26.3%).

The study compiled data for the most popular UK cars and vans - those with more than 20,000 MOTs in 2007 - to determine a failure rate across individual models.

BBC News freedom of information specialist Martin Rosenbaum said: "It's another tool to make sure consumers are making a wise choice when buying a vehicle."

However, the validity of the information has come under fire from some internet bloggers who claim that poor driving practice which results in worn-out tyres, broken headlamp bulbs and cracked number plates are not an indication of manufacturing quality and that certain vehicles, such as Ford Transit vans, are more likely to be subjected to tougher workloads than others, naturally increasing their risk of MOT failure.

Another list which aimed to expose the worst performing vehicles over the past 10 years found that the Rover 420 had the highest failure rate (52.6%) while popular models such as the Fiat Punto (51.7%) and Ford Ka (51.7%) have also topped the table of MOT failures since 1997.

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