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Fond furwell for police sniffer dog

Tuesday March 21st 2017

A police dog who became a social media sensation is to retire with his handler after eight years on the force.

Smithy, a nine-year-old black Labrador, has 3,200 followers on Twitter and has worked on hundreds of investigations for West Midlands Police.

PC Terry Arnett, 49, from Coventry, has spent most of his career working as a police dog handler and breeder and is due to retire on April 25 - taking his trusty sidekick with him.

Smithy - who was originally a guide dog - was one of the first police dogs to have a Twitter account.

PC Arnett said: "I feel quite proud of the fact he was one of the first police dogs on social media as it showed that the force was looking at different ways of engaging with people."

Smithy has been involved in some high-profile investigations, such as the disappearance of young mum Nicola Payne from Coventry who went missing 25 years ago, and the abduction of five-year-old April Jones from Wales.

PC Arnett said: "There have been many memorable moments with the dog unit, and particularly Smithy. We have developed such a bond over the years and it is quite fitting we were ready to retire together.

"We have always had great support from the public and Twitter enabled me to give updates on Smithy's progress."

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