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Fit Club challenge for podgy pets

Friday June 6th 2014

The Scottish owners of four plump pets have signed them up to a new diet and fitness competition to help them slim down to a healthier size.

Two rabbits and two cats from north of the border are some of the 17 animals involved in the PDSA Pet Fit Club.

They have grown to unhealthy proportions by prising open cupboards to get extra helpings of food, eating popcorn and ice cream and annoying their owners until they give them snacks.

One of the pets is Tom, owned by Glasgow resident Elizabeth Molloy. Tom is extremely overweight having learned to help himself to food by opening the fridge and food cupboard.

At 10.8kg four-year-old Tom is twice the normal weight of a cat his age. He once lived with Elizabeth in a house and went up and down the stairs but they have since moved to a new property without stairs and as a result he doesn't get the same amount of exercise.

Tom isn't Elizabeth's only cat. Angel is a healthy size but Tom steals her food, meaning Elizabeth has to hide it away when he is around. Otherwise she says Tom is a lovely cat and she is keen to start the diet because she is worried about his health. If you are worried about the health of your cat it is a good idea to take out Pet Insurance to cover the cost of veterinary treatment.

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