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Firms want state cash for new jobs

Tuesday December 20th 2011

One in three companies want money from the state to help pay for new staff, according to a survey.

Bibby Financial Services interviewed 1,000 firms, showing that a third of them want Government-financed "incentives" to create new jobs. Many of the companies talked of a "growth trap" and claimed they do not have the money to recruit.

A widespread lack of confidence in the economy's recovery and doubts about being able to get new business are two reasons cited for the recruitment slump.

Bibby's Edward Rimmer insisted that businesses may need money from the Government to make recruitment possible.

He said: "It is clear from our survey that businesses want to grow but have come up against a number of barriers which the Government could act to remove. Unless these businesses can find ways to invest in staff we will not see the growth from small and medium-sized enterprises that the Chancellor is hoping for."

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