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Firemen rescue cat - and owner - from tree

Wednesday December 3rd 2014

Firefighters have long been used to being called out to rescue pet cats stuck up trees.

But a crew in Hertfordshire got a call-out with a difference when they were asked to rescue a middle-aged woman who had got stuck in a tree herself after climbing it to help down her kitten.

The woman, who has not been named, climbed nearly 20 feet up the fir tree in the back garden of her home in Hoddesdon before realising she couldn't get back down.

By the time firefighters from the town's fire station arrived at the scene, a small crowd had gathered to watch the drama unfold.

The crew used an extending ladder and an electric saw to help the embarrassed woman safely back down to the ground.

But when the firefighters then went back up the ladder to retrieve her one-year-old cat, it jumped down to the ground by itself.

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