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Firefighters save freezing kittens

Friday November 7th 2014

Firefighters saved three new-born kittens from freezing in cold sludge on Tuesday after they fell down a drain.

The kittens were less than an hour old when they fell down the four-inch wide hole in Braintree, Essex, in the bottom of the cupboard where their mother had given birth to them.

RSPCA inspector Caroline Richardson said the animals were so tiny that when they fell down the hole, they couldn't make their way back out.

She added that the fire brigade had been incredible and that she had never seen anything like it.

After being called, the firefighters had to pull out several kilograms of cement surrounding the hole and break the pipe in order to get to the unfortunate newborns.

All this had to be done in under half an hour so that the three kittens didn't freeze to death.

Mrs Richardson believes the kittens are lucky that the fire brigade acted so quickly, saying that in another half hour the kittens would surely have died.

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