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Fire crews rescue dog from icy lake

Monday January 11th 2010

A dog is recovering after it fell through a frozen lake in Leicestershire.

Fire crews were called to reports of a dog having fallen through ice at Hicks Country Park in Moira.

On arrival, a specialist rescue team found the dog still in the water and advised its owner, who was trying to rescue the animal, to keep off the icy lake.

They used dry suits and an ice inflation path to save the dog, which was then wrapped in spare blankets and taken to the vet.

A fire and rescue spokesman said: "The dog was some 20m away from the bank and was still swimming around trying to scramble from the ice.

"The dog was in the water for approximately 30 minutes and was very exhausted and unable to get out of the ice."

The fire service warned pet owners to make sure they kept their dogs on leads in the current weather, and also urged parents to keep children away from frozen lakes.

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