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Fire crew rescues cat from chimney

Thursday April 14th 2016

Firefighters have saved a cat that got stuck in a chimney by boring a hole through the brickwork.

Fire crews rescued the creature after it was heard making noises from behind the brickwork at a property in North Littleton, Worcestershire on Monday.

Following initial attempts to retrieve the cat from the top of the chimney, the firefighters bored a hole in the brick structure to make an escape route indoors.

Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service shared photos of the successful outcome, commenting: "Luckily, our firefighters were able to rescue the cat by removing internal bricks.

"The thankful moggy was then left with the owner," they added in the Facebook post.

The fire service also posted a video of the operation, which reveals the cat's paw stretching out of the hole before its face appears.

The cat, named Snitch, belongs to 68-year-old Roger Gardner and his wife Susan, MailOnline reported.

Mr Gardner is said to have called the fire service after hearing his pet crying in distress days after it went missing. It is thought that the cat had slipped in from the chimney pot.

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