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Fine aims to cut down on dog fouling

Friday December 4th 2015

Dog walkers are being told to carry a poo bag or face a £100 fine - even if their pet is not caught fouling.

Daventry District Council says this penalty will rise to a maximum of £1,000 if they do not pay up and the case goes to court. The new steps to reduce dog fouling will stop short of stop-and-search powers.

But pet owners will be breaking the law if they do not show officers their bag on request. Daventry's Public Space Protection Orders will come into force at the start of next year and are aimed at the irresponsible small minority who continue flouting the law.

Council official Mike Warren, who deals with housing and health, is assuring the public that patrol officers will adopt a common-sense attitude on patrols, adding that the new measures are not unreasonable.

The local authority says that 73% of residents who responded to a consultation on the problem approved the tough stance on dog poo.

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