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Find out if your dog is a genius

Friday May 15th 2015

Dog owners can find out how their beloved pooches see the world thanks to an online test.

The Dognition Assessment, created by scientists, trainers and behavioural specialists to discover the personality of man's best friend, consists of 20 interactive games for owner and dog to take part in at home.

It uses the results to determines a dog's levels of empathy, communication, cunning, memory and reasoning, while also grouping them in one of several categories from Einsteins and Aces to Mavericks and Stargazers.

Einsteins are the brainiacs of the dog world. They can solve new problems by looking at the facts in front of them, a key attribute of a genius, yet like brilliant people, they can also be awkward in social situations.

Aces, meanwhile, are problem-solvers. They are socially elite, bond well and are good at almost everything.

Each owner will receive a Profile Report on their canine, giving them an individualised insight into the cognitive strategies of their pet. Other categories include experts, renaissance dogs and protodogs.

The Dognition Assessment will be featured on National Geographic Wild's three-part series Is Your Dog a Genius? from 15 to 17 May.

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